Harleyford Capital - ESG Impact - New Economy Real Estate Investment


Our ESG commitment


Investing in Real Estate for a Better Tomorrow.

As a leader in New Economy Real Estate we take yesterday’s buildings and reposition them to meet the needs of tomorrow.

We recognise the importance of creating sustainable buildings which make positive environmental and societal impacts, as well as safeguarding our future. This approach directly translates into investment performance through attracting best-in-class occupiers and maximising asset liquidity.

Harleyford Capital - ESG Commitment - New Economy Real Estate Investment

Our commitment

Sustainability is central to the investment process at Harleyford Capital with all acquisitions having to meet minimum future resilience requirements as part of a wider comprehensive underwrite process.

Our ESG Team

Harleyford Capital benefits from the resource and experience of Fiera Real Estate’s designated ESG team which ensures we remain thought leaders in this area and can deliver a best-in-class service to our clients.